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Top Easter Activities for the Whole Family

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In this section, we present the best Easter activities for young and old alike. Discover ideas for unforgettable family moments during this joyous holiday.

Some ideas for Easter activities :

  • Organize an egg hunt traditional
  • Take part in egg-decorating workshops
  • Making personalized Easter baskets
  • Preparing a delicious family meal
  • Take advantage Easter outing

These activities will help you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and make the most of the Easter season.

Key points to remember :

  • The traditional egg hunt is a fun activity for all members of the family.
  • Egg-decorating workshops let children give free rein to their creativity.
  • Visit making Easter baskets is a fun hands-on activity.
  • Prepare a family Easter meal to share a convivial moment.
  • Take advantage Easter outing is an opportunity to take advantage of the fine spring weather.

Traditional Egg Hunt

Organize a traditional egg hunt in your garden or local park. It's a fun activity that lets children search for hidden eggs and delight their sweet tooth by finding them.

The tradition of Easter egg hunt dates back several centuries. It is a festive symbol of this springtime holiday and is enjoyed by children all over the world. Organize an egg hunt is a wonderful way to create joy and precious memories with your family.

How to organize an Easter egg hunt

For organize an egg hunt here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Choose a location: Whether in your garden, a local park or even inside your home, make sure you have enough space to hide the eggs. Think about children's safety by avoiding dangerous areas.
  2. Hide the eggs: Before the hunt begins, hide the eggs by scattering them around the chosen area. Be creative and think of different levels of difficulty for children of different ages.
  3. Give instructions: Explain the rules of the egg hunt. Set a time limit or number of eggs to be found. Make sure they understand the boundaries of the play area.
  4. Let the children search for the eggs: Let the children go in search of the hidden eggs. Encourage them to collaborate or compete to make the hunt even more exciting.
  5. Reward efforts: Once the eggs have been found, reward the children with small gifts or treats. You can also organize a sharing session so they can exchange their finds with each other.

By organizing a traditional Easter egg hunt, you create a joyful atmosphere and stimulate children's spirit of adventure. It's an activity that strengthens family ties and creates unforgettable memories. So get ready for a hunt full of laughter and surprises!

Egg Decoration Workshops

Invite children to take part in egg-decorating workshops. They can unleash their creativity using paints, stickers, glitter and other materials to decorate Easter eggs.

This creative Easter activity is both fun and educational. Children can express their own style by creating unique designs on Easter eggs. They can experiment with different colors and textures, adding details to make each egg special.

Here are a few ideas for organizing egg-decorating workshops :

  1. Provide children with hard-boiled eggs that have been previously cooked and cooled, as well as various decorating materials such as paints, markers, stickers, ribbons, glitter and feathers.
  2. Encourage them to experiment with different decorating techniques, such as finger painting, using stencils or wrapping colorful threads around the eggs.
  3. Organize a contest for the best egg decoration and offer small prizes to the winners.
  4. Create a gallery of decorated eggs by displaying children's creations around the house or garden.

Visit egg-decorating workshops are the perfect way to spend time with your family over the Easter vacations. It's the perfect opportunity to stimulate children's imagination and creativity while creating wonderful memories together.

Making Easter Baskets

Guide your children through the making personalized Easter baskets. Use cardboard, ribbons and accessories to create beautiful baskets to fill with chocolates and surprises for the egg hunt.

Creating Easter baskets is fun manual activity that lets kids express their creativity while getting ready for the long-awaited egg hunt. Here are a few ideas to make these baskets even more special:

  • Use colored cardboard to cut out and assemble the sides of the basket.
  • Add ribbon or cord handles for added practicality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Personalize baskets with stickers, glitter or designs cut from colored paper.
  • Hang small ribbons or tips around the edges of the basket for a festive touch.
  • Don't forget to leave enough space in the basket for chocolates, candies and other surprises.

With these handmade Easter baskets, your children will not only have fun making them, but also filling them with delicious chocolates and using them on family egg hunts.

Preparing a Family Easter Meal

Make the most of Easter by preparing a delicious meal with your family and spending time in the kitchen together. For this special occasion, discover traditional Easter recipesthat will delight the taste buds of every guest.

Here are a few ideas for must-have dishes and desserts for your family Easter meal:

1. Main course

  • Easter lamb roasted with herbs
  • Salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce
  • Stuffed Easter chicken

2. Support

  • Gratin dauphinois
  • Frozen carrots
  • Asparagus sautéed in butter

3. Desserts

  • Traditional Easter cake
  • Chocolate eggs
  • Seasonal fruit tart

Don't hesitate to get the whole family involved in the preparation of the meal. It's a great opportunity to create culinary memories and share warm family moments.

Happy tasting and happy Easter!

Easter Outing

Make the most of the warm spring weather this Easter by organizing an outdoor family outing. It's a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and celebrate spring.

Nature walks

Take the whole family on a nature walk and admire the beauty of spring. Choose a park, forest or picturesque path where you can breathe in the fresh air, observe the flowers in bloom and listen to the birdsong.

Bike ride

Enjoy the energy of spring with a family bike ride. Choose a route suitable for all members of the family and discover new landscapes while having fun and getting some exercise.

Picnic in a Park

Organize a picnic in a park and enjoy the sunshine with your family. Prepare sandwiches, fresh salads and seasonal fruit for a convivial outdoor meal. Bring along some outdoor games for a fun-filled day.

A Easter outing will allow you to enjoy springYou'll be able to relax with your family and create precious memories. Take time to appreciate nature and celebrate this joyous holiday by enjoying every moment outdoors.

Easter crafts

Organize Easter crafts to create a festive atmosphere and stimulate everyone's creativity. Here are a few ideas for Easter crafts and creating decorations :

  • Garland creation : Use colorful paper, ribbons and Easter motifs to make pretty garlands to hang around your home. This will add a festive, cheerful touch to your decor.
  • Candle making : Make handmade candles with molds and colored wax. You can also add Easter motifs, such as bunnies or eggs, for a more festive atmosphere.
  • Table decorations : Create personalized table decorations using recycled materials such as glass jars or cardboard boxes. Paint them and add Easter motifs for a festive table setting.

These Easter crafts are ideal for spending time with your family while stimulating your imagination. Unleash your creativity and have fun creating unique decorations that will bring a festive touch to your home during the Easter celebrations.

Easter Theme Cinema

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Easter with a themed family cinema session. Choose from a selection of films to suit the festive season, and have fun together. Visit Easter films are perfect for entertaining children and spending quality time with the whole family.

Easter films for children

  • "Pierre Lapin": Follow the adventures of Pierre Lapin and his friends in this fun-filled animated film.
  • "The Five Legends: Travel to a fantasy world where legendary heroes such as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus protect children's dreams.
  • "Hop": Discover the story of E.B., the Easter Bunny's son, who dreams of becoming a music drummer rather than taking over the family business.

Watching these movies with your kids will add a special touch to your Easter celebration and create happy memories. Get the popcorn ready, make yourself comfortable and enjoy some family time together.

Family Board Games

This Easter, take the opportunity to spend moments of complicity family fun with board games. Whether you opt for board games, card games or team games, there's no shortage of fun to be had during these family games.

The importance of family board games

Visit family games are much more than simple entertainment. They bring together all generations in a single playful activity and create new friendships. moments of complicity precious. These games stimulate thought, encourage exchange, strengthen family ties and provide unforgettable memories.

Endless options for every taste

Whether you're a fan of strategic games, games of skill or cooperative games, there are plenty of options to suit everyone's preferences. For younger players, you can opt for age-appropriate games that promote learning while having fun.

  • Play classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble or Jeu de l'Oie for friendly family competition.
  • Explore modern, innovative board games that offer unique experiences, such as Les Aventuriers du Rail, Catane or Dixit.
  • Immerse yourself in fantasy worlds with role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, where you can play together to create epic stories.

Create unforgettable Easter memories

When you play family games during the Easter festivities, you create memories that will last a lifetime. The laughter, the challenges moments of complicity and even small quarrels are part of the experience. Take advantage of these special moments to share emotions and strengthen family ties.

So, whether you choose a classic board game or an intriguing novelty, take the time to immerse yourself in the world of family games. These moments of Easter entertainment will be the ideal opportunity to create memories and experience magical moments together.

Visit an Easter Theme Park

Make the most of the excitement of Easter by organizing a family outing to a Easter theme park. These special parks offer a unique experience to celebrate this joyous holiday.

Discover an enchanted world filled with entertainment, shows and special activities to delight young and old alike. Children will marvel at the colorful decorations, famous Easter characters and exciting attractions.

Take part in a thrilling egg hunt, where children can search for precious chocolates hidden throughout the park. Attend magical shows featuring playful rabbits and fairytale characters. Special Easter attractions guarantee endless fun for the whole family.

A visit to a Easter theme park is the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable family memories. Capture these special moments with photos and videos to revisit them again and again.

Benefits of visiting an Easter Theme Park:

  • Entertainment for the whole family
  • Easter entertainment, shows and special activities
  • Exciting egg hunt
  • Colorful decorations and Easter characters
  • Easter attractions for all ages
  • Creating lasting family memories

Don't miss the opportunity to experience a fantastic adventure in a Easter theme park. It's the perfect activity for family fun during the Easter vacations.


In conclusion, Easter is the perfect opportunity to create lasting family memories. By engaging in fun and creative activities such as egg hunts, egg decorating and board games, you'll strengthen family bonds and spend quality time together.

These activities allow children to have fun while developing their creativity and imagination. Egg hunts, in particular, bring excitement and joy as little ones search for hidden eggs in the local garden or park.

Whether you choose to prepare a delicious family Easter mealWhether it's an outdoor outing or an Easter-themed movie, the most important thing is to spend quality time together and celebrate this joyous holiday.

So, whether you're decorating eggs, enjoying chocolates or playing board games, we wish you a happy Easter filled with laughter, joy and precious family moments.

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