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Quick and delicious waffle recipes

quick waffle recipes

Visit waffles are versatile delights that can be served for breakfast, snack or dessert. This quick and easy recipe will show you how to make waffles crispy on the outside, soft on the insideusing basic ingredients. You'll also discover tasty variants such as adding vanilla extract or chocolate chips, and tips on how to make even lighter waffles.

What is a waffle?

Visit waffles are light and airy pastries, characterized by a light, airy texture. unique texture. They can be served at breakfastat snack that dessert. Their texture is crispy on the outside and soft insidewhich makes it a delicious dish to savour.

Basic ingredients for homemade waffles

To make delicious homemade wafflesit is essential to rely on a few basic ingredients. These will give you the crispy outside, soft inside texture that is characteristic of waffles perfect.


Flour is the basic ingredient in every recipe. homemade waffles. It adds structure and hold to the preparation.

Baking powder

Baking powder plays a crucial role in the swelling and softness of waffles. It creates an airy, delicate texture.


Sugar contributes to the sweet taste and crunchy texture of waffles. It is one of the essential ingredients in the waffle recipe.


A pinch of salt balances the flavours and brings out all the aromas of the homemade waffle ingredients.


Eggs add richness, structure and softness to the preparation of waffles.

Melted butter

Melted butter contributes to the crisp texture and delicious flavour of homemade waffles.


Milk adds softness and chewiness to the dough. waffles.

The combination of these homemade waffle ingredients allows you to create waffles with an irresistible texture, perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert.

Simple steps to waffle success

For successful homemade wafflesWhen you're ready to bake, it's important to follow a few simple steps. First, prepare the dry ingredients (flour, yeast, sugar, salt) and the wet ingredients (eggs, melted butter, milk) separately.

Prepare wet and dry ingredients separately

This method produces a very homogenous dough, in which the various elements are perfectly incorporated.

Mix without overworking the dough

Then mix the two together without overworking the dough, to prevent it from becoming too dense. This is how you obtain a texture light and airy for steps to waffle success.

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes

After a 30-minute rest, the dough is ready to be cooked in a hot waffle iron. This resting time allows the ingredients to blend well, for a perfect waffle recipe successful.

Cook in a hot waffle iron

Finally, pour the batter into a hot, well-oiled waffle iron for delicious waffles, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Tasty variations

For even more flavour, you can vary the recipes of waffles. For example, you can add vanilla extract to the preparation, which will add a delicate aromatic note. You can also incorporate chocolate chips or fresh fruit such as raspberries or bananas, for an even more gourmet touch.

Add vanilla extract

The addition of a little vanilla extract to waffle batter lends a delicious, comforting flavor. Vanilla blends perfectly with the other ingredients to create an even more fragrant and moist waffle.

Add chocolate chips or fruit

For a more decadent version, don't hesitate to add chocolate chips melted into the mixture. You can also opt to add fresh fruit such as raspberries or bananas, which add fondant and freshness. With these variations, waffles can be adapted in a multitude of ways.

waffle variants

quick waffle recipes

For even quicker waffles, you can use a ready-made waffle mix commercially available. This solution not onlyoptimize preparation and cooking timesbut also to simplify the recipe steps.

Using a ready-made waffle mix

Visit waffle mix contains pre-measured basic ingredients, making preparation much easier. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the packet for delicious homemade waffles in record time.

Optimize preparation and cooking times

Thanks to the use of a waffle mixYou can considerably reduce preparation and cooking times. Gone are the long hours spent in the kitchen, and now you can enjoy quick waffle recipes to delight your family and guests at any time!

Gourmet accompaniments

Waffles can be prepared in a variety of ways, thanks to their many possible accompaniments. Among the most popular are

maple syrup





or the

fresh fruit

such as raspberries or bananas. These toppings allow you to vary the pleasures and personalize your waffles to suit your tastes.

Support Taste Texture
Maple syrup Soft and sweet Soft
Jam Varies according to fragrance Creamy
Chantilly Light and creamy Aerial
Fresh fruit Freshness and acidity Crunchy and juicy

A short history of waffles

Visit waffles have a long history, dating back to Antiquity. Back then, the Greeks baked a dough between two heated metal plates, giving birth to this delicious pastry. In the Middle Ages waffles have become popular in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands.

In the USA, an important turning point came in 1869 when Cornelius Swarthout received the first American patent for a waffle iron. This invention greatly facilitated the preparation of waffles and contributed to their rise in American culture.

Period Development of waffles
Antiquity The Greeks bake a dough between two heated metal plates
Middle Ages Waffles become popular in Europe, especially in the Netherlands
1869 Cornelius Swarthout receives first U.S. patent for a waffle iron

Tips for light waffles

To obtain light waffles and airy, a simple trick is to separate the egg whites from the rest of the ingredients, then whisk them until stiff before gently folding them into the mixture. This clever technique lightens the texture of the waffles for an even softer, tastier result.

Whipping the egg whites into a stiff snow creates an airy structure that spreads throughout the dough during baking. This gives the light waffles a particularly melt-in-your-mouth texture. It's a simple but highly effective trick for enhancing the lightness of this emblematic pastry.

light waffle tips

In addition to this technique, other light waffle tips can be implemented, such as using a minimum of fat or incorporating stiffly beaten egg whites into the dough. The aim is always to obtain homemade waffles an airy, irresistible texture.

Essential equipment

To make homemade wafflesa few basic utensils are essential. A

quality waffle iron

is essential to obtain perfectly cooked waffles, with a crisp texture on the outside and softness on the inside. You'll also need a

bowl and whisk

for easy mixing of waffle batter. Finally, a


will help you pour the waffle mixture carefully into the waffle maker's cavities. These simple, functional elements make it easy to make delicious waffles.



Equipment Description
Quality waffle maker An essential tool for evenly cooking waffles to the ideal texture.
Bowl and whisk Necessary for efficient mixing of waffle batter ingredients.
Ladle Allows the right amount of batter to be poured into each cell of the waffle iron.

Tips and tricks

Although the homemade waffles is relatively simple, a few tips and tricks can help you achieve even more perfect results. Let's focus on two key points for crisp, well-formed waffles.

Oil the waffle iron plates well

Before you start cooking, it's important to thoroughly oil your waffle iron's plates. This step prevents the waffles don't stick during baking, guaranteeing easy removal from the mold and optimum surface appearance. Preferably use a non-stick spray or a neutral oil to generously coat the cells of the waffle iron.

Adjust the amount of batter to the size of the waffle iron

Another important point is toadjust paste quantity that you pour into the waffle iron according to the size of its cells. Too much batter risks overflowing, while too little will result in small waffles. Determine the ideal amount for your specific waffle iron, based on the first tests, in order to obtain generously shaped waffles.

By following these few tips & tricksyou'll be able to create delicious homemade wafflescrispy on the outside and soft on the inside, to perfection.

National Waffle Day

In the United States, there is even a national waffle dayAugust 24. This date commemorates the day Cornelius Swarthout received the first American patent for a waffle iron, in 1869. This annual celebration is a testament to the enthusiasm and popularity of waffles in American culture.


Waffles are a tasty and versatile pastry that can be made in many different ways. Thanks to quick and easy recipes, it's easy to make delicious waffles. homemade wafflescrispy on the outside and soft on the inside. By varying the ingredients and accompaniments, the possibilities are endless for indulging at any time of day.

Whether you serve them for breakfast, snack or dessert, waffles are sure to please! These quick and delicious waffle recipes will help you discover the versatility of this pastry and adapt it to your tastes. So don't hesitate to jump into the waffle recipe conclusion and give free rein to your creativity!

Whether you prefer a classic version or a more original variation, waffles will always be a delight to share at any time of day. Let yourself be tempted by these waffle recipes and enjoy!

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