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The Best Recipe Blogs in Quebec - My Selection

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Here is my selection of the best recipe blogs in Quebec. These blogs are packed with mouth-watering recipes and beautiful photos to inspire your culinary creations at home. Visit these sites to discover delicious recipes, cooking tips and gourmet addresses in the Quebec City region.

Champagne & Brunelle

The blog Champagne & Brunelle, run by author Camille Brunelle, is a real gem for lovers of good food. I immerse myself with delight in this refined universe where the pleasure of eating well reigns supreme. Camille Brunelle offers us a multitude of delicious, inspired and original recipes that make our mouths water.

On Champagne & BrunelleHere, too, we can find culinary tips and tricks to improve our cooking skills. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned cook, you'll find practical advice on how to make your dishes even tastier.

In addition to mouth-watering recipes, this blog also features articles on the art of the table, highlighting different ideas for setting beautiful plates and impressing your guests. What's more, Camille Brunelle shares her cookbook reviews with us, allowing us to discover new sources of culinary inspiration.

Another interesting aspect of Champagne & Brunelle is a showcase of fine gourmet addresses, mainly in the Quebec City region. Camille Brunelle shares her culinary discoveries, giving us the opportunity to savor succulent dishes in the region's finest restaurants.

Hubert Cormier's blog

Hubert Cormier, known as nutritionist and cookbook author, also runs a nutrition blog. On her blog, you'll find a multitude of gourmet recipes, all accompanied by the nutritional values of the dishes indicated.

Hubert Cormier's blog also features articles that demystify certain nutritional concepts and introduce lesser-known foods. You'll be able to deepen your knowledge of nutrition while enjoying a delicious meal.

The kitchen of a crazy mother hen

Anick Lamothe, mother and co-founder of Les aliments La mère Poule, shares her love of cooking through her blog. The kitchen of a crazy mother hen. Discover healthy, mouth-watering recipes, well explained and sometimes interspersed with humor.

Family and tofu

The blog Family and tofu is one of the best recipe blogs dedicated to vegetarian cooking in Quebec. Here, I share with you a multitude of vegetarian recipes, from refreshing salads to comforting soups.

I'm Sophie Ducharme, the passionate author of this blog. Healthy, balanced cooking is my priority, and I'm sure you'll find inspiration in my culinary creations. I explore plant-based flavors and marry them to create delicious, nutritious dishes for the whole family.

You can also find some of my recipes in the newspaper La Presse + as well as in my cookbook Around the table. Whether you're a vegetarian or simply curious about discovering new flavors, I invite you to explore my blog and enjoy my recipes.

  1. Discover a wide variety of vegetarian recipes, from starters to desserts.
  2. Find out more about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet for the whole family.
  3. Learn how to cook balanced, tasty dishes without meat or fish.
  4. Find out how to incorporate tofu into your recipes and make it a must-have ingredient.

Join me on this culinary adventure and discover how delicious and beneficial vegetarian cooking can be for you and your family. Subscribe to my blog Family and tofu to make sure you don't miss any of my new recipes.

The Coup de Grace

The Coup de Grace is a magnificent recipe blog run by Samuel Joubert, who is also a photographer, food stylist and cookbook author.

Discover mouth-watering gourmet recipes.

  • Tasty dishes prepared with love and creativity.
  • Inspiring recipes accompanied by beautiful photos.
  • Tips and tricks to help you improve your culinary skills.

Christelle is flabbergasting

Christelle Tanielian blogs Christelle is flabbergastingwhere she shares her culinary discoveries and recipes. Her Armenian, Lebanese and Syrian origins shine through in her cooking, adding flavor and originality to her dishes.

Émilie Gaillet, a professional cooking graduate, photographer and food stylist, is the creator of the blog Émilie murmurs. Passionate about the culinary arts, she shares her recipes and inspirations on her blog, with particular attention paid to visual presentation. The magnificent photographs that accompany each publication highlight the dishes and whet the appetite.

In her blog, Émilie Gaillet brings her culinary ideas to life, sharing them with generosity and enthusiasm. She offers a variety of recipes, from revisited classics to innovative creations, always accompanied by her tips and advice for successful execution. The emphasis is on the quality of the products and the search for balanced flavors.

The diversity of topics covered on Émilie murmurs makes this blog captivating. You'll find recipe ideas for every moment of the day, suggestions for convivial meals with friends, tips for home cooks and recipes adapted to different diets.

The personal stories and anecdotes shared by Émilie Gaillet create an authentic connection with readers, inviting them to become part of her culinary universe. Take advantage of this warm invitation to immerse yourself in her blog, try out her delicious recipes and find the inspiration you need to brighten up your cooking life.


These ten Quebec-based recipe blogs are a veritable goldmine for all food enthusiasts. With delicious recipes, practical cooking tips and gourmet addresses, these blogs offer an unrivalled culinary experience. Whether you prefer traditional, vegetarian or even international cuisine, you'll find what you're looking for here. selection of the best recipe blogs in Quebec.

Explore these blogs to discover tasty recipes, useful cooking tips and exciting culinary anecdotes. Whether you're new to cooking or an experienced chef, you'll find inspiring ideas and practical tips to improve your culinary skills.

As you browse these blogs, you'll also discover new gourmet addresses in and around Quebec City. You can satisfy your appetite by visiting restaurants and discovering gourmet products recommended by these passionate bloggers.

Visit conclusiondon't miss the opportunity to discover these exceptional blogs that are part of the selection of the best recipe blogs in Quebec. They are an invaluable resource for all cooking enthusiasts in search of inspiration and new flavors. Bon appétit!

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