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Preparation of pulled pork and couscous.
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Tièbou jeun from Senegal

I lived in Senegal for a few years. I learned to read and write. I have very fond memories of my childhood, the desire to explore, discover and open up to the world. I think part of my personality was developed during those years. This bohemian side, this desire to live at several addresses at the same time (I was half Senegalese by adoption, half Canadian). I've also developed the gourmet side that characterizes me.

Here's a typical Senegalese recipe, from Khady, a well-known Senegalese woman with whom I have occasional exchanges. A wonderful woman, a feminist well before her time. I owe her a lot. You'll note the approximate measurements as well as the method. Khady cooked by eye.

About this fish and rice dish: Tièbou

Senegal's Tiebou, a true gem of West African cuisine, is much more than just a dish. It's a culinary heritage handed down from generation to generation, a symbol of conviviality and sharing. This emblematic recipe harmoniously blends rich flavors and fragrant spices to create a feast for the senses. At the heart of this preparation is the subtle marriage of tender fish and rice, accompanied by a multitude of ingredients that give it its unique personality. Follow us on this gustatory journey to the heart of Senegal, where every bite transports you to exotic and enchanting lands. Get ready to discover the authenticity and warmth of Senegalese cuisine with our traditional recipe for Fish and Rice Tiebou.


Tiebou jeun


Step 1

Heat 1/2 liter of oil (500 ml), the oil should be very hot. Place the thiof stuffed with 3 cloves of garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, leek, thyme and 1/2 chilli pepper. Remove the fish from the pan.

Step 2

Chop 2 onions, 3 garlic cloves, 1/2 chili pepper, the fish, a pinch of salt and place in the oil for another 2 minutes Prepare the tomato paste with a little water for the rice. Pour in the tomato mixture and boil for 3 minutes Prepare the vegetables (cabbage, carrots, turnip, eggplant, dhakhatou, gumbo, manioc), pumpkin), yeast, 2 uncut chili peppers.

Step 3

Pour the fish into the tomato sauce and boil for 3 minutes before pouring in the water (9 cups). When the mixture is boiling, remove the oil from the top and add the vegetables.

Step 4

Place the rice in a steamer over the broth. From memory, I think Khady used a colander and cover with a cloth until the rice is moist.

Step 5

Remove all the vegetables and fish and add the rice to the stock. The sauce should cover the rice, but not drown it.

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