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Slow-cooked garlic and Dijon palette roast recipe

Discover an Irresistible Recipe: Slow-Cooked Roast Palette with Dijon Mustard and Garlic! Immerse yourself in the world of comfort food with this tasty, easy-to-prepare dish. The Perfect Combination of Dijon Mustard, Garlic and Tender Pallet Roast Meat, Slow Cooked in the Slow Cooker, Creates an Unforgettable Culinary Feast. Follow Our Simple Steps and Reveal the Deep Flavors of This Dish, Ideal for Wowing Your Guests. Prepare yourself for an Exceptional Gastronomic Experience, Where Every Mouthful Will Transport You to the Heart of Gourmandise. Let yourself be guided by this Recipe and let your taste buds marvel.



    Step 1

    Sprinkle Fleur de Sel on both sides of the Rôti de Palette and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

    Step 2

    Coat each side with Olive Oil

    Step 3

    Generously spread the Dijon Mustard and Garlic on each side".

    Step 4

    Place the Piece of Meat in the Slow Cooker on Low, add the onions (coarsely chopped) and cook for 8 hours.


    Accompany this Delicious Piece of Meat with Field Dressed Potatoes, Fresh Salad and Sautéed Carrots. You'll enjoy the irresistible fragrance that will fill your home on your return.

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