Authentic Beshbarmak recipe from Kyrgyzstan: Hearty lamb and vegetable stew

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As part of our "Culinary Journey Around the World" recipe series, and with the aim of introducing you to dishes from various countries, we present our first suggestion

Beshbarmak is a traditional dish from Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia. It is considered one of the national dishes of Kyrgyzstan and is very popular in the region.

The origins of Beshbarmak go back to the nomadic days of Kyrgyz culture, when the pastoral lifestyle was predominant. The term "Beshbarmak" literally means "five fingers" in Kyrgyz, referring to the traditional way of eating it using the hands. It's a convivial dish shared at family gatherings or important community events.

The recipe for Beshbarmak is fairly simple, featuring the basic ingredients of Kyrgyz cuisine such as lamb or beef, local vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and cabbage, and flat noodles. The ingredients are cooked together in a fragrant broth, resulting in a hearty, flavorful stew.

Beshbarmak is a dish that represents the culture and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. It is often served at special celebrations, weddings and festive occasions. Its popularity has spread beyond the borders of Kyrgyzstan, and it has become a popular specialty throughout the Central Asian region.


  • you can replace them with egg noodles or pasta


Step 1

Place the pieces of lamb or beef in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring to the boil over medium heat and simmer for about 30 minutes, skimming off any foam or impurities that form on the surface.

Step 2

Add the chopped onion, potatoes, carrots and cabbage to the pan. Season to taste with salt and ground black pepper. Continue cooking for a further 30 to 40 minutes, or until the meat and vegetables are tender.

Step 3

hile the meat and vegetables are cooking, prepare the noodles according to package instructions. Drain and set aside.

Step 4

Once the meat and vegetables are tender, remove from the pan and set aside, reserving the stock.

Step 5

To serve, place a portion of noodles on a plate. Add the meat and vegetables on top. Pour a little broth over the dish. Garnish with finely chopped fresh parsley.

Step 6

Beshbarmak is traditionally eaten by hand, so feel free to use your hands to tear off pieces of meat, vegetables and noodles. You can also use utensils if you prefer.

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