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Grandma's molasses galette

Welcome to our collection of delicious Quebec family recipes! This series of tasty dishes is the fruit of culinary accumulation across generations. We're delighted to share with you these original recipes that have crossed time and borders.

We sincerely hope you enjoy every bite of these authentic dishes. If you have any comments, or if you decide to try any of these recipes, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment. Your opinion means a lot to us. And don't forget to share these delights with your loved ones, because good food is even better when it's shared.

Origins of Molasses Cookies :

The origins of molasses cakes date back to colonial times in North America, when the first European settlers brought this precious recipe with them. Molasses, a thick, sweet syrup produced during the refining of sugar cane, was abundantly available and cheaper than sugar. It quickly became a popular ingredient in many kitchens, giving rise to a variety of recipes, including the famous molasses galettes.

These galettes were often prepared for special occasions, such as village feasts, weddings and family reunions. Their popularity has endured through the centuries, evolving over time to suit the tastes of each era. Today, they are enjoyed the world over and continue to be an integral part of traditional Quebec and North American cuisine.

In short, molasses galettes are not just sweet treats, but living witnesses to our history, culture and love of food. Each bite is a journey through time, reminding us just how tasty and memorable culinary traditions can be.



    Step 1

    Cream together butter and brown sugar

    Step 2

    Add beaten egg, vanilla and molasses

    Step 3

    Combine flour, cream of tartar and baking soda in a bowl and sift.

    Step 4

    Add to the first mixture

    Step 5

    Mix and bake whenever you want

    Step 6

    (Optional) Add the walnuts to the mixture


    Galettes à la Molasse are much more than a simple delicacy: they're pieces of history and tradition, to be savored with every bite. Their rich, warm flavor evokes childhood memories and comforts the souls of generations. These galettes have the power to create precious family moments, where laughter, stories and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Every time we bite into a galette à la Molasse, we savor not only its delicious taste, but also the heritage of our ancestors, their ingenuity in the kitchen and their love for the good things in life. They are the link between past and present, a gentle reminder that tradition can be as delicious as it is timeless.

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